Enveloped in the clouds of mystique, the valley of Kashmir lies among the great Himalayas to the north of India. To this day its natural beauty and purity has remained awe inspiring and is aptly described as the Switzerland of the East. The Mughal emperors of India called it the 'Paradise on Earth', and established the many and famous Mughal gardens of Kashmir.

The land of Kashmir and its people have always been enigmatic. Tradition has that the valley was big lake in which lived a huge monstrous snake. A holy man slayed the snake and made an outlet for the water to flow so that land appeared for habitation. Another tradition gives the origin of the people to the 10 lost tribes of Israel. It is claimed that in Kashmir lies the tomb of Jesus Christ and that King Solomon visited the valley and taught its people.

Kashmir Caravans endeavors to bring forth the true spirit and romance that Kashmir holds, its eternal beauty - that lies in its soul as much as in the body. Join us to reclaim the Paradise.